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Tooth Extractions

In our office we strive to save and maintain all of our patient’s dentition. However there are times when a tooth will need to be extracted. A multitude of reasons can attribute to this decsion:
  • Extensive decay where the tooth becomes unrestorable
  • Advanced periodontal (gum) disease with extreme tooth mobility
  • Symptomatic wisdom teeth
  • Severe infection and abscess involvement whereby patient elects for extraction
  • Orthodontic conditions requiring more space in a dental arch

Whatever the situation may be, it is our office policy that a tooth extraction be done in a painless manner. In addition it is imperative that the tooth extraction site be thoroughly cleaned to prevent any bacterial growth or infection from occurring during post-operative healing. Sometimes socket preservation is required after an extraction via a bone graft.

A full diagnosis with an x-ray must be taken to determine what type of tooth extraction is to be performed on a patient. Most tooth extractions can be performed in our office with or without sedation. After tooth extraction is completed, we will provide written and verbal post-operative instructions. When necessary we will prescribe dental medications as they relate to pain, trauma, swelling and infection.

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