i-CAT FLX 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) system

Many of my colleagues were surprised to hear that I was considering upgrading to the newest state of the art CT scanner after only 5 years of having one of the most advanced 3D systems in the market- the Rayscan from Samsung. To this day none of them have a CBCT in their office. In fact many surveys show that only a fraction of dentists have these advanced machines in their office. Because of the many referrals we get from PCPs, ENT’s and Pulomonolgists, I needed to ensure that our practice had the latest technological advancement in CBCTs designed for flexibility in scanning, imaging and treatment planning. We also wanted to provide improved clarity at a lower radiation exposure to the patient.

Radiologists and CBCT manufacturers know that the award winning i-CAT FLX technology is regarded as the cone beam industry standard. In addition, the i-CAT would allow more detail with less radiation – a scan has a dose equivalent to the average radiation exposed to a person going about their “normal” life in the USA for a few days. However, being the best when it comes to CBCT technology comes with a high cost and we had just paid off our 5-year financing for the Rayscan… Yet I strongly believe that limiting the radiation exposure each patient receives, while giving us the best imaging quality would make this investment well worth it.

Hence in late February of 2020 we upgraded to the i-CAT FLX and the consensus from our staff and patients have been positively enthusiastic. One of our goals at our group practice is to have the most state-of-the-art, accurate technology to assist in diagnosis and treatment of our patients. We feel the i-CAT will allow us to continue our excellent standard of care in achieving success for our patients.