Patient New Publishing’s Exclusive Interview with The Gentle Dentist¬†A.K.A. Dr. Brien Hsu


Who said that quality dentistry could not be achieved with minimal pain or discomfort while in the dental chair? Here in the heart of Alta Loma, there lies a practice, resided by a Dr. Brien Hsu, who has had the honor of being labeled the gentle dentist by his patients in this flourishing community. In this special interview, we ask Dr. Hsu some of our questions.

Good morning Dr. Hsu, is it true that in your practice, the majority of your patients do not experience pain during their dental appointment?
Dr. Hsu: Unfortunately, during any dental procedure there is always the potential for pain and discomfort. However, I can honestly say that over 80 percent of my patients have yet to experience any real pain while having dental work done. And most of the others would probably say they felt some discomfort but would not call it pain.

Surveys show that people in general have this fear of the dentist because of the pain associated with treatment. Whether it be the initial injection, the sound of the drill, or the pain while having treatment done. How is it that you are able to achieve this level of practically painless dentistry?
Dr. Hsu: I have a unique technique of giving a practically painless injection and when I do my dentistry I am very gentle and “light” handed. We also only use state of the art hand-pieces in my practice; these extraordinary drills do not make that loud whine that makes most people cringe – even if they are in the waiting room. In addition, we offer our patients headphones and a movie of their choice to watch in the dental chair. My patients are very comfortable when they are in the treatment room. If they should experience even the slightest discomfort, I would stop immediately when they make a sudden movement, it’s usually because of their reaction from a scene in a movie. In fact many of my patients are surprised when I’m finished and actually disappointed they weren’t able to finish the movie that they were enjoying.

Interesting…patients are actually awake when you do your practically painless procedures? You don’t sedate or put them to sleep.
Dr. Hsu: Well, patients would have a very high out of pocket expense if they desired to be sedated and I like to make my services available to all families regardless of their income level. However we do offer nitrous oxide, a gas that relaxes patients who are very nervous about having dental treatment.

Many people in California don’t like the fact that dental offices are becoming like factories where people are rushed in and out like an assembly line. While others sense that the moment they step into an office, they feel like they are walking into a used car dealership with cheesy salespeople trying to make the quick buck. So how is your office any different?
Dr. Hsu: I can assure you that there are dentists who do care about a patient’s dental health. For example, I donate my services and equipment to various free clinics every year and I have spent the years from 1999-2000 in a mobile dental clinic doing free dental work for needy children and impoverished areas. Also, in my private practice, although I have done many cosmetic cases, I always give our patients a comprehensive consultation letting them know the pros and cons of each procedure; even if the information results in their decision to go with the more conservative and less expensive cosmetic dental treatment.

Very impressive Dr. Hsu, it wouldn’t be surprising if your patients were willing to travel from far away t have their dental work done by you.
Dr. Hsu: Actually, I have had patients who traveled from San Francisco, Arizona, Nevada, and even Florida to have their dentistry done by me. In fact, I recently opened my private practice here in Alta Loma. And some of my former patients from my past employment in various dental offices over a span of 50 miles away have searched out for me.

Well, we at Patient News Publishing would like to thank you very much for your valuable time. I’m sure we will have more questions for you in the future and we look forward to contacting your extraordinary practice again.