Oral Pathology


Abnormalities in the oral cavity are diagnosed with a thorough clinical history, careful examination, and laboratory studies including culture and biopsy are critical. These methods help us distinguish and manage oral mucosal and osseous lesions of the mandible and maxilla. It is important to understand that many times these abnormalities are non-neoplastic and are oral mucosal growths, inflammation and ulcerations as a result of  a developmental (congenital, hereditary, etc.) or a reactive (inflammation, trauma, autoimmunity, etc.) etiology.


Dr. Brien Hsu and his staff have decades of experience when it comes to the evaluation and treatment of oral lesions and growths. An appointment for a full consultation will be necessary to give a general differential diagnosis. Complete definitive diagnostic procedures which may include biopsies or lab cultures will be followed by recommendations for treatment and clinical follow-up.